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Expect the unexpected.....The Girl with The Leopard Scarf
March 19, 2012
February 26, 2012

What should I wear ??

A close friend of mine is having a birthday bash inside of a lounge this weekend. As much as I love the NYC night life I'm not much of a going out girl, this is why I need the help of my fabulous readers. I've been busy these pass few weekends studying for mid terms one being in a language I barely understand (ouch)! At least I can know say I speak Spanglish, aside from school work I decided Saturday night would be a great time to reacquaint with old buddies and have a great time, one problem what should I wear? Listed above are a few of my favorite options at the moment I am just completely indecisive a.k.a PLEASE HELP lol. As you can observe I am obsessed with the classic sexy little black dress look.

From Left to Right...
1. Gold Rush dress courtesy of Nasty Gal
2. Seeing Stripes dress courtesy of Nasty Gal
3. Raven Dress courtesy of Nasty Gal
4. Motel Elsa Rose Lace back dress courtesy of Lulu's
5. Peppy Peplums black dress courtesy of Lulu's
6. Mesh around dress courtesy of Nasty Gal

February 16, 2012

Rolando Santana Autumn / Winter 2012 runway show

Finally a designer worth waiting in line to see! Monday night I traveled to the Chelsea area to watch one of my favorite designers present his 2012 Autumn/ Winter collection. I was running a tab late however, because of the talk this collection was said to have I was greeted by a line almost wrapped around the block of Eye beam studio. As I waited on line the chatter of fashionistas could be heard "Do you think we will spot lace?" "Or maybe even sexy sequin" "No, better maybe sheer" after hearing a few more comments I immediately began setting up my canon and tightened my Deena and Ozzy vintage boots preparing myself for what would be seen inside. The amount of photographers, writers, publicist and observers that packed the room left me speechless, and after being seated in second row (Thanks to Jordana owner of Touch of Pink Public Relations) the lights quickly fade, the bass of music vibrated the bottom of chairs and the models began to walk.

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February 11, 2012

Ainsley Fall 2012 presentation

Today I traveled to the city to view Ainsley's Fall 2012 collection with writers Vanessa and Jannett. Talk about ready to wear fashion I was practically picking my favorite pieces rather than snapping photos. Layers seem to be a big impact on the collection, over sized cardigan's, knitted sweaters and velvet blazers graced the studio lit room while writers watched and photographers snapped photos. There was not a single face in Exit Art that was not thrilled and amazed to watch the gorgeous, friendly models walk around the stone, beaded floor ( which they tried effortless to get me to walk across). Whistle Pig whiskey was provided for all guest, so through my photo snapping and card swapping I did toast to a fabulous weekend with my V and J. Aside from socializing and viewing Ainsley's Fall 2012 collection, attention was monetarily taken from the models when celebrity guest Angela Simmons arrived. Overall the looks for this presentation has definitely put a future damper on my credit card, I will certainly be making room in my closet for Ainsley's Fall 2012 collection.

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February 11, 2012

Lulu's style studio

Just as out of place this collage may seem, it is a perfect way to describe what went on last night. Thanks to writer Vanessa F from 24Blogazine I was invited to attend Lulu's style studio where I was able to meet and mingle with bloggers, stylist and photographers. Can you imagine tons of fabulous women in one area mingling, enjoying complimentary drinks and delicious snacks, while being showcased the latest make up and shoes? Sounds like fun you would think, now imagine free clothes being thrown in the mix. No typo, all guest were given a complimentary item of choice from the Lulu's collection racks. With that being stated you can understand why my canon remained in my Elliot Lucca purse while my hands were filled with tons of clothes. The lines to try items on were beyond ridiculous some women went by their best judgment whether their chosen item would fit while some found a small corner and allowed their bff's to be their mirrors. I on the other hand was able to find a fitting room choose my favorite item and enjoy the reminder of the night with Vanessa F(of http://24blogazine.com/) and Jannett A (of http://www.stylisticappetite.com/). After the night was over and I began clawing through my goodie bag ( don't act like the rest of you don't) I was speechless to find a gift certificate for a complimentary pair of shoes of my choice from designer Michael Antonio's website! #WINNING

February 04, 2012

Lady and the Cat

As sneakers are to men, sunglasses are to women. No need to be a sun glass snob in order to love the design of the cat eye frame. Whether its the simple Ray Ban or fierce Tom Ford women sun glass collection just to stare at these beauties pleases the eye. Although the layout above showcases Celebrities rocking the trendy Cat Eye, this fab trend can be spotted just about anywhere. Move over aviators, Cat eyes have made their mark and their here to stay!

January 27, 2012

Going creative and unique with Designer Hilly B

What makes a true unique designer? Is it the person who wears the garment? Is it the designer's appeal themselves? Or is it the drive/ motivation behind the collection? As the saying behind a garment lies a story. I personally love, preach and encourage individuality, I highly dislike involving myself in trends or cliques, so you can only imagine the excitement that filled once I was introduced to Ms. Hillary Brodsky. A New York native Ms. Brodsky has devoted majority of her free time thifting (who hasn't) and hitting up the trendiest Vintage shops collecting as much exclusive clothing, materials and fabric she could get your perfect manicured fingertips on. Upon realizing her small time hobby had invested into full day projects she began sewing these individual pieces onto her everyday wardrobe. Not long after Ms. Brodsky began expressing her latest new hobby did all of her co workers, family and friends quickly make buying request. Catching up with Ms. Hilly B we enjoyed a few laughs, shared stories while she enlightened me on her motivation and overall goal.

"I find inspiration from vintage materials and clothing.  I love thrift stores and find them inspiring.  I'll buy materials from thrift stores, garage sales, temple/ church bazaars, take from my friends closets or my personal closet. I call it Reinvented Vintage. I feel the type of person who wears my clothing has an appreciation for originality and wants to be fashion forward and comfortable at the same time. I took one sewing class in Undergrad, at the University of Florida, which gave me enough knowledge to start sewing Hilly B. The first piece of clothing I ever designed was a vintage Jaguars jersey. I cut and twisted and tied, and knotted, this huge mens jersey into an amazing top and started getting lots of attention when I wore it out one Saturday night.  Pretty soon roomates, friends, and acquaintances were knocking on my door to Make something for them to wear out.  That was in 2002. I have been selling to New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida boutiques since 2003. Now, I reside in Atlantic Beach, NY.I am working on a website, where I can sell my clothing and accessories over the internet."
Words spoken by Ms. Hillary herself, with a collection as divine and tasteful as Hilly B Im sure shes on the right track!

The talented Ms.Hillary Brodsky

January 25, 2012

New semester great weather new shoes..

Today marks the official first day of my spring semester yay me! I decided to treat myself a while back to these gorgeous Vince Camuto black suede booties. Can you say loveee, these silver stitched black detailed booties are perfect for the upcoming NYFW and paired perfectly with boyfriend jeans and dresses for the unpredictable warm nights mother nature has decided to continuously grace us with. I'm normally not a huge fan of suede but when it comes to a unique, chic brand as Vince Camuto you tend to break all rules, thanks to HSN I was able to snag these babies at a reasonable price and still have funds left over for this semesters books. Talk about shopping wisely!

January 23, 2012


These latest Roxy Kitty Kat sunglasses I recently snagged are to die for! Seen on blogs in magazines and all over tabloids the past fashion trend of cat eye framed sunglasses have surely made its comeback. Although scarfs, hats and mittens are considered the most current accessory I've decided to take a different spin on shopping and began picking up spring items (just to give myself hope to an early spring). I personally am not a huge fan of sunglasses however, the Roxy rhinestone cat eye framed sunglasses were something I decided to take a chance on and since analyzing and trying them on a few times I am very satisfied with my purchase. Anyone else a cat eye sun glass snob? I think I just found my new addiction.

January 22, 2012

Girls just want to have fun

With college back in session this weekend was most likely a memorable weekend for most students. Goodbye late night city fun, hello early morning classes. I choose to spend my final weekend with two of my favorite ladies. Vanessa of 24Blogazine.com and Jannett of http://www.stylisticappetite.com/ . While many choose to spend their warm Friday night sight seeing I was busy traveling downtown to enjoy the fine cuisine of Thai restaurant Spice. The smell of curry and spices, and the sounds of chatter, laughter and dishes clashing could be heard throughout the small restaurant. An experience like no other to say the least, I enjoyed tons of Thai food, laughs and conversations with V and J. After Thai we quickly raced up to Dylan's Candy Bar for the release party of Kanon organic Vodka. Tons of gummy bears, associates dressed in Dylan's Candy Bar attire and socialites graced the bar. Drinks like the Jolly Rancher Cocktail and Cranberry Mudslide were served. Overall Friday night was a great way to end my vacation before school. 

The Girl with the Leopard Scarf

I give my readers what they want and so much more. Instead of dragging on a topic I maintain it short , juicy and straight to the point. I am currently based in NYC so i make it my duty to report latest trends happening whether their a fashion do or just a mess is your job to judge. Although I am a full time student and full time worker I try my best to attend as much fashion events as possible. I sleep with a pen in hand so always expect a new post on my blog!

XoXo The Girl with the Leopard Scarf



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